How To Grow On Instagram | Instagram Algorithm | Fast Organic Growth | Genuine Method

All the Instagram users who run a page or try to start a business using this Social platform, a thought would have really struck you in your mind that Whyyy?? Why I’m not growing on Instagram???


Don’t worry!! I too sometimes think When will I grab your people attention towards my Blogs. 😔

Here, I would share some Don’ts, which I think hinders your growth on Instagram..

I have mentioned all the points as a list for you all to better understand.

🔸You don’t have the right Mindset.

Just try to think for a once that,

  • Who do people want to follow ?
  • Why do they want to follow ?

*If you got these points then you are just a step away from becoming The Next Influencer or Starting up a New Business generally on Network Marketing.

Grab the Audience

Okayy, the Heading is Lucrative.. but how to make people follow you for that one should know why people follow someone??

  1. They get Value/Information/Entertainment. In short, They Learn or See something new.
  2. You solve something.
  3. You are Unique.

🔸Give them what they are looking for.

  • Give away stuff for Free!!

Giving away stuff does not always means some Trendy Coupons or Expensive Equipments. It can be literally anything, such as A Bonus Information, in your Captions, or in the Last Slide regarding the type of Content you excel in.

Thanks for scrolling this down, I hope you guys found this Blog Informative..

That’s it, I hope it helps.

Love all ❣️


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